Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saltaire Festival 2012

Okay so I haven't blogged for ages, I have a lot of draft blogs saved on my computer though...whoops

Anyway I went to Saltaire Festival today and the weather was lovely, the sun shone and the streets were packed! There was so much to see and do but here's what I enjoyed...

The continental market is always amazing, with cheeses, bread, pastries, turkish delight and SWEETS!

As well as loving sweets, I do love helium balloons!! They remind me so much of my childhood, although they don't do a Mr Blobby balloon any more :(

I caught up with some crafty friends which was lovely...

Spring Lark had a fabulous looking stall, Melanie is so friendly and I love her textile machine embroided items, especially the lavender scented hearts...

DaisyFlorenceDesign creates hand embellished textiles. Here are her pocket sized mirrors, how individual and girly are these?!

Inkylinky Jewellery makes the most unique handmade jewellery, I have never seen anything like it, look at this hand etched house necklace, so individual and wonderfully handcrafted.

Petits Bijoux and I did our first ever craft fair at the same venue and I love seeing how Emma is getting on and developing her work. These white druzy square studs are just beautiful.

Quernus Crafts makes the most amazing cute and quirky polymer clay animals, I could spend hours looking at Kirsten's stall and creatures...she seems to have endless ideas, I could talk about her creations for hours! I am hoping to commision Kirsten to make my pets into wee creatures, she seems to be able to make any animal and creates for all occasions...check out these patriotic mice...

After a lovely inspring day I came home to confirmation of my next craft fair The Shipley Alternative so I am excited about that as it's less than a month away!


Friday, 11 November 2011

Little Red Riding Hood goes Dotty!!! is an update on the happenings of my life!
I have done a few fairs, some more successful than others, but I see each event and location as a learning experience and I love getting feedback and seeing people's responses to my crafts.
I want to sell happiness, when people look at my crafts I want them to smile and laugh, I want it to brighten their day! I started creating these creatures when I was ill and they gave me a purpose and I want to spread the crafty love :)

I have also been browsing charity shops and have found a few things that I plan to decorate! I have some ideas but may wait until the new year to start on them. I would love to be able to do furniture restoration and decoupage. I also want to learn to knit and use a sewing machine properly in 2012!

However I am learning new skills, I have joined the WI, I go to Saltaire and so far it's amazing! You can find out more info here:
I have met lovely people of all ages and done some wonderful activities...I made this Suffolk puff which I think is okay for my first attempt!

...then last night I made figgy pudding...which I am going to steam tomorrow so we will see how that turns out! We also had a really good talk on traidcraft which was really informative and I am definately going to look at buying more fairtrade...such as chocolate :)

And linked to food....drink!! I have discovered some wonderful varieties of dairy free milk! I love coconut milk, hemp milk, oat milk....slight milk obsession? And coconut juice!

 Moving subejcts to clothes and shopping...I love animal print...I did think the other day when I was dressed in a dalmation print coat and leopard print ear muffs along with zebra print umbrella that maybe I own too much animal printed stuff...but no I don't think so!! Anyway below is my new coat...I have around 4 leopard print coats, pjs, dressing gown...soo I thought I would try out a different print this winter.....I can always pretend to be Cruella de Vil...
(the name for this blog post came from the fact that for a few winters now I have been wearing my red coat, but this year I have changed colour and pattern)

Finally my Dad has always loved cars, in particular classic cars and vehicles! I have been to a few shows and have been thinking if I win the lottery I could purchase...

Yes I have always wanted an icecream van, wouldn't it be so cool to tour the country playing tunes and dishing out icecream, sauce and sprinkles! My interest in classic vehicles is growing, but my knowledge will never be as great as my Dad's...also I do tend to like 'feminine' cars, bubble cars and girly colours, which probably does nothing for the value of a classic car!

Now winter is approaching...I do not like the cold! I may have to go and hibernate if it gets too bad, but for now I am going to stock up on yorkshire tea, hot chocolate and a new fluffy covered hot water bottle...

So there you have longest blog to date...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

On Tour...

I have quite a few fairs coming up towards Christmas time, I am excited and hope that I get to meet lots of crafty people...

You will be able to find more information on my facebook :)

Sunday 2nd October
Yorkshire craft fair, Victoria Hall, Saltaire

Saturday 8th October
Shipley Alternative 2, Kirkgate Centre, Shipley

Tuesday 8th November
Reetsweet and Handmade's Super Craft Fair, Leeds Uni

Sunday 20th November
Yorkshire craft fair, Victoria Hall, Saltaire

Sunday 4th December
Winter craft fair, Victoria Hall, Saltaire
I will be back blogging again soon...things are good! I have discovered a love for classic cars and an amazing WI group!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

August! The Summer is ending....

Sooo it's been a while, almost the end of summer and time to hide under the duvet...although I am looking forward to getting crafty this Christmas...I have quite a few orders already and some fairs booked!
I have loved all the craft fairs I have done, I am still learning but I think my displays are getting better along with my organisation!
I had a lovely family holiday in Italy which was a wonderful break and it made little Emz get her head together and get ready face the world haha...

We went around Rome and went sightseeing and to the beach and ate lots of pasta!

I even attempted to build some sandcastles....

And back to my crafts...these penguin decorations seem to be popular at the moment, along with my finger puppets...
I am working on some new ideas and can't wait for you to see them, I am looking forward to my next fairs and I will be making my crafty debut in Leeds...soo excited but soo nervous!


Monday, 27 June 2011


Here is a little June round up! The sun has finally come out and I have been busy making creations for my upcoming fairs:
Saturday 9th July at Kirkgate Centre, Shipley
Sunday 24th July at Victoria Hall, Saltaire

This is a plate I handpainted in Haworth!

My latest collection of cats

Collection of hanging seahorses

Also my Dad has been ace helping me with computers! Check out my new funky banner!

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Just got a few pics to share..

These are the cutest lipbalms ever!
My Dad gave me these for my birthday...

My latest custom order...
a guardian angel

Some bits in my bedroom :)
Checkout the cupcake trinket box, the lego mini figures, alice in wonderland bag.....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


June already! I have been busy with custom orders lately, the most recent being a set of In The Night Garden characters, I had to educate myself on kids tv!

Been to some good events recently too including Saltaire Arts Trail and Take That!
May be taking a trip to Ripley Castle this weekend.
I have discovered a lot of new magazines recently including Mollie Makes and Homestyle Sewing....
Also I had my birthday and recieved some wonderful gifts, many Russian Doll themed :)